Chaturved NS, Hari Nishaanth C, Mohammed M, Rohit R, Adithya Arun, Abhinav M, Silambarasan M, Trilok Nag H, Kaushik J, Varun M Totadri, Jagadeesan N, Vivek R, Ashwin R, Sumant Jain,Karthik Saran M, Yazh Arun Mozhi, S Sujay, B Praanesh, M Anbu


Varun CV, Abhishek Tanwar, Rahil S Shah, Kousik J, Nilesh Subramanian R, Tushar Raheja, Kiran Akash L, Lokesh Raj TD, Sabin Somatha Karnavar, Promoth MS, Arun Karthick KB (captain), Shijit Chandran P, Karthikeyan R,Adithya Giridhar, Jabez Moses, Akash Sumra, Mithun R, SV Muruganantham, N Selva Kumaran, Sarath Raj A, Veeramani T.

Dindigul Dragons and Madhurai Panthers are all set for their next match in the Tamil Nadu Premier League 2019. Both the team have finally reached to the Qualifier round 2 and will be competing against each another at Dindigul. Both the teams are on their best as they have won most of the matches they played. If we talk about Dindigul Dragons, therefore, they have won 6 matches out of 7 whereas Madhurai Panthers won 5 matches after playing 7 matches.


NPR College Ground,Dindigul

Neutral pitch ideal for both bat and ball.

Average first innings score: 170 Last five TNPL matches

Team News:

They lost last match against  CHE.

R  Ashwin will not available  for  this  match .

Hari Nishanth-4,16(2w),34(1w),57,1(0w),1,57,17,81*,21,61*(2w),0,29(2w)
H Nishanth and N Jagdeeshan will open the inning  for  DIN.
Sumant Jain,M Mohammed will handle  late  hitting  duty.
R Mithun-(3w),20(0w),(1w),12*(0w),1(1w),16,7*(1w),(0w)
Nilesh Subramanian-31,2,3,9*,11,dnp,dnp,dnb,31,0,8
Arun Karthik,A Sarath Raj will open  the  inning for  team.
Hari Nishanth,N Jagadeesan,Arun Karthik,Shijit Chandran,Jagatheesan Kousik,Rahil Shah,R  Vivek
Ramalingam Rohit-(0w),(0w),15,(0w),(0w),1(0w),(3w),(2w),(0w),(0w),0(2w),1(0w)
Kiran Akash-(1w),(2w),(0w),(0w),(2w),(0w),(3w),(2w),(1w),(2w),(0w),(3w),18*(3w),(1w)
Hari Nishanth,N Jagadeesan,S  Sujay,R Vivek,Sumant Jain,NS Chaturved,M Mohammed,Ramalingam Rohit,B Praanesh,Mohan Abhinav, M Silambarasan
Jagatheesan Kousik-8*(0w),37(1w),38*,(1w),27,(2w),9(2w),32*,7(1w),(1w),(0w),(0w),17(1w),22(1w),35*(1w),43*(2w),7(1w),5,26*
Rahil Shah,R Mithun,N Selva Kumaran will handle  spin duty.
S Sujay,NS Chaturved,R Vivek will handle  middle order batting.
Abhishek Tanwar-7(0w),14(0w),4*(3w),22*(2w),11*(2w),1(0w),28(1w),(3w),(0w),24(0w),19(0w),1(0w),5(2w),1(3w),5(0w),15*(2w)
Abhishek Tanwar,Akash Sumra  will handle  late  hitting duty.
M Silambarasan-(1w),(0w),(3w),(1w),(3w),(4w),(4w),(0w),(1w),(0w),(1w),(0w),(1w)
Rahil Shah-(0w),(3w),(0w),(1w),(0w),(1w),(0w),(0w),(0w),(1w),(3w),(0w),(2w),(1w),(3w),(2w)
Arun Karthik,A Sarath Raj,Shijit Chandran,Nilesh Subramanian,Jagatheesan Kousik,Abhishek Tanwar,Akash Sumra,R Mithun, Kiran Akash, N Selva Kumaran, Rahil Shah
Jagannathan Kaushik,Ramalingam Rohit,M Mohammed,B Praanesh will handle  pace  duty.
Shijit Chandran,Jagatheesan Kousik, Nilesh Subramanian will handle  middle  order batting.
They won last match against VBK by 5 wickets.
Hari Nishanth,N Jagadeesan,Arun Karthik,Shijit Chandran,Jagatheesan Kousik
Arun Karthik-61,17,59,4,85*,1,11,79,75*,65*,24,1,46,106,39,0,64
R Vivek-62,42(0w),20*,54,13,4,2,11,29,26*,5,22
Ravichandran Ashwin,M Silambarasan,Mohan Abhinav,Hari Nishanth will handle  spin duty.
M Mohammed-36*(1w),7(0w),(1w),7(3w),17(0w),(2w),13(0w),(0w),(2w),(1w),(0w),19(0w),18*(0w)
Abhishek Tanwar,Kiran Akash,Jagatheesan Kousik,Akash Sumra  will handle  pace  duty.
Jagannathan Kaushik-(2w),(1w),(2w),(1w),(2w),(0w),dnp
Mohan Abhinav-15*(2w),1(1w),(1w),(2w),(0w),8,(1w),dnp,dnp,dnp,0(0w),(3w),8(1w),(0w)
Ravichandran Ashwin-37(0w),16(3w),52,(2w),(1w),1(0w),8(1w),dnp,22(1w)
Shijit Chandran-35(0w),29,5,38(0w),18,7*,11,39,12,0*,39,25,21
NS Chaturved-11,12,0,9,21,1,3,20,dnb,dnp,14
N Selva Kumaran-(0w),(4w),(0w),21(2w),(1w)
Last matches  performance:(Recent last):
N Jagadeesan-31,25,63,43,51,17,87,53,78*,105*,21,0,37
Trilok Nag-(1w),(2w),(0w),dnp,dnp,dnp
Probable playing11:(In batting order):
Sumant Jain-10,0,26*dnb,0,8,10,13
S Sujay expected  to replace him
S Sujay———————————34
A Sarath Raj-33,26,17,1,20,18,14,2
Adithya Arun————–(1w),dnp
B Praanesh————(3w),(2w)
Adhithya Giridhar—15,14,dnp

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