Rajasthan vs Hyderabad Dream11 IPL T20 Team Prediction

Players you need to pick in your Dream11 Fantasy Cricket team for the Hyderabad vs Rajasthan match

Are you searching for Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Dream11 Team prediction of the match HYD vs RAJ that is to be played on 11 Oct? Looking for 100% winning team for Dream11, then you are at the right place. Read on for our preview of the match along with probable playing 11, key players, captain and vice-captain options and our Fantasy Cricket team for Dream11.

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Dream11 Match Information

Match Venue : Dubai International stadium

Match Time : 03:30 PM IST

Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Pitch Report

The pitch in Dubai has started to get slower as the game goes on and chasing has become a difficult task on this venue now so captain winning the toss will be tempted to bat first now. Spinners and the bowlers who bowl slow off cutters will have a good role to play in today’s game.


SRH-201/6 VS KXIP-132/10

DC-196/4 VS RCB -137/9

KXIP- 178/4 VS CSK- 181/0

SRH- 164/5  VS CSK- 157/5

KKR-174/6 VS RR-137/9

RCB-201/3 VS MI-201/5

DC-175/3 VZ CSK- 131/7

KXIP-206/4 VS RCB-109/10

KXIP-206/4 VS RCB-109/10

RCB-163-5 VS SH-153-10

Hyderabad Team News

Hyderabad won their last match playing by the same combination so they would have no reason to change this combination. This game would also be a battle between two dynamic players of England – Jonny Bairstow vs Jos Buttler. After initial struggles, Hyderabad have found the right balance in their team.

Players to pick from Hyderabad

  • David Warner
  • Jonny Bairstow
  • Manish Pandey
  • Rashid Khan
  • Khaleel Ahmed
  • T Natrajan

Rajasthan Team News

Rajasthan will see the comeback of Ben Stokes and a team who has lost 4 games in a row would be absolutely delighted by the comeback of main man. The top order hasn’t fired collectively yet but they would have some breathing space knowing they will have Ben Stokes in the middle from now on. Jaydev Unadkat might also come in the place of Varun Aaron for his slow off cutters on a pitch which gets slow as the game goes slow.

Players to pick from Rajasthan

  • Jos Buttler
  • Ben Stokes
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal
  • Rahul Tewatia
  • Jofra Archer
  • Kartik Tyagi



1. D Warner Vs
J Archer-Runs-12,Balls-12,0ut-2
J Unadkat-Runs-23,Balls-29,Out-1
2. J Bairstow Vs
S Gopal-Runs-17,Balls-13,Out-1
3. M Pandey Vs
S Gopal-Runs-23,Balls-14,Out-2
J Unadkat-Runs-19,Balls-19,Out-1
A Rajpoot-Runs-6,Balls-11,Out-1
4. K Williamson Vs
A Rajpoot-Runs-o,Balls-3,Out-1
A Tye-Runs-o,Balls-2,Out-1
S Gopal-Runs-10,Balls-15,Out-1
5. W Saha Vs
J Unadkat-Runs-22,Balls-16,Out-1
A Rajpoot-Runs-6,Balls-7,Out-1


1. J Buttler Vs
R Khan-Runs-4,Balls-10,Out-4
S Kaul-Runs-5,Balls-4,Out-1

2. S Smith Vs
S Kaul-Runs-8,Balls-9,Out-1
R Khan-Runs-16,Balls-22,Out-1
3. S Samson Vs
S Sharma-Runs-40,Balls-46,Out-2
4. D Miller Vs
M Nabi-Runs-11,Balls-16,Out-1
S Sharma-Runs-1,Balls-3,Out-1
R Khan-Runs-33,Balls-21,Out-2


J Buttler
J Bairstow
D Warner
S Smith
B Stokes
J Archer
R Khan


D Warner (BT)- 52, 60, 28, 45, 36, 6, 81, 37, 57, 67, 50
J Bairstow (WK)- 97, 25, 0, 53, 5, 61, 0, 80*, 61*, 41, 1
A Samad (BT)- 8 (OVER-1,W-0), 20 (OVER-2,W-0), 8* (OVER-4,W-1), 12*
M Pandey (BT)- 1, 30, 29, 3, 51, 34, 30, 9, 71*, 36, 61
K Williamson (BT)- 20*, 3 (OVER-2,W-0), 9, 41, 28*, 70, 3, 14, 13
P Garg (BT)- 0, 8, 51*, DNB, DNB, 12
A Sharma (ALL)- 12 (OVER-1,W-1), 10, 31 (OVER-1,W-0), 1* (OVER-4,W-0), 2* (OVER-1,W-0), 7 (OVER-2,W-1), 2 (OVER-1,W-0), 5*, 2 (OVER-1,W-1)
R Khan (BL)- 0* (OVER-4,W-3), 3* (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-3), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 6 (OVER-4,W-0), 0 (OVER-4,W-2), 1 (OVER-4,W-1), 0* (OVER-4,W-0), 1 (OVER-4,W-3), 17* (OVER-4,W-1)
S Sharma (BL)- DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 0* (OVER-4,W-2), 9 (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-3.5,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 1* (OVER-4,W-0)
K Khaleel Ahmed (BL)- DNB (OVER-3.W-2), DNB (OVER-3.5,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-1), DNB (OVEE-2.5,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-3), DNB (OVER-4,W-3), DNB (OVER-4,W-3), DNB (OVER-4,W-1)

T Natarajan (BL)- DNB (OVER-3.5,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-1), 3* (OVER-4,W-1)


S Kaul (BL)- DNB (OVER-4,W-2), 0* (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 0 (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-3,W-0)
B Kumar (BL)- DNB (OVER-3.1,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-3,W-0), 0 (OVER-4,W-0), 0* (OVER-4,W-2), 7* (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 1 (OVER-4,W-0)
M Nabi (ALL)- 11* (OVER-4,W-0), 20 (OVER-4,W-0), 4 (OVER-2.2,W-0), 31 (OVER-4,W-1), 20 (OVER-3,W-0), 12 (OVER-3.5,W-0)
V Sankar (ALL)- 0 (OVER-1.2,W-1), 25 (OVER-1,W-0), 27 (OVER-2,w-1), 12, 7* (OVER-2,W-0), 8 (OVER-1,W-0)
S Goswami (WK)- 5, 12, 35, DNB, DNB
M-3, R-1, AVG-1.00


Y Jaiswal (BTS)- 34, 0, 6, 29,57,62,105+1w,88+1w
J Buttler (Wk)- 13, 70, 22, 21, 4, 44,77
S Smith (BTS)- 24, 6, 5, 3, 50, 69, 41,1,18,10,3
S Samson (WK)- 5, 0, 4, 8, 85, 74, 9,53,38,6,8,2
M Lomror (ALL)- 1, 11, 47, 0,6+Ow
R Tewatia (ALL)- 38, 5 (OVER-2,W-0), 24* (OVER-4,W-0), 14 (OVER-1,W-1), 53 (OVER-1,W-0), 10 (OVER-4,W-3), 4+3w,17,10+0w,28,32
A Tye (BL)- 6, 2w, Ow,2w,2w
J Archer (BL)- 2, 24 (OVER-4,W-1), 16* (OVER-4,W-1), 6 (OVER-4,W-2), 13* (OVER-4,W-0), 27* (OVER-4,,W-1), 2w, 1w, Ow
S Gopal (BL)- 2, 1 (OVER-4,W-2), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 5* (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 2w,1w
K Tyagi (BL)- 2*, 0* (OVER-4,W-1), 3w, 1w, 4w,2w, Ow
V Aaron (BL)- 1, 3w, Ow,2w, Ow,Ow,1w


T Curran (BL)- 15 (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-3.1,W-0), 54* (OVER-4,W-1), 4* (OVER-4W-1), 10* (OVER-4,W-1), 1w,1w, Ow, Ow,1w
A Rajpoot (BL)- 2 (OVER-3,W-0), 7* (OVER-4,w-1), DNB (OVER-4,W-1), 1w,2w,2w
J Unadkat (BL)- DNB (OVER-3,W-0), 9 (OVER-2,W-1), DNB (OVER-3,W-0), DNB (OVER-4,W-0), 1w

B Stokes (ALL)
26M/231,305 Runs,47H, 17 Avg
Recent Score-4+1w,47+1w,22+2w
M Markande (BL)
31 M/311,33W
Recent Score-3w, 1w,33+2w

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